Satans Savages By Cousin Lucky!!
(2018-01-23 at 16:14:47 )

Satans Savages By Cousin Lucky!!

I call this place " Satanville " because surely Satan is running the complete show here!!

These are The Richmond Terrace Houses completely mismanaged by the United States Federal Government, the New York City Housing Authority, the New York City Police Department, the New York State government, and by the hand of Organized Crime!!

On Display Here Is A Multitude Of Everything That Is Wrong With Our Government And What Is Wrong With Our Society!!

Abandon everything you know about law and order; the United States constitution; morality; ethics; or even simple common sense!!

This is ThugLandia!! Brute Force rules everything here!! If You Wanted To Make A Great Case For Libertarianism; You Could Start Right Here!!!

Crime here is not a sin; nor is it illegal!! Making Money Is All That Matters Here!! You Can Extort All You Can Get Here!!

Join The N.Y.C.H.A. Brothels Or Sell Illegal Drugs!! You Can Sell Untaxed Cigarettes Or Sell Untaxed Liquor!! You Can Even Steal Identities!! Any And All Criminal Activity Is Indeed Welcome Here So That Your " Rent Is Always Paid On The First Of The Month "!!!

Satan Welcomes You Here!! Our Satanville Will Corrupt You And Our Satanville Will Corrupt All Of Your Children!!

Welcome To The Swill And The Slime Of Satanville!! " The " Victims Of Society " Hands Are Always Out Demanding So Much More Of Your Stuff!!

Our Violent Drug Addicts Own You On Sight; And They Will Demand That You Quickly Hand Over All Of Their Money And Valuables That Are Presently On You And Within All Of Your Pockets!! JUST GIVE IT UP!!!

There Are Govermental Installed Cameras Here But The NYPD Is Only Interested In Their Pad Money, Access To The Many Prostitutes, And The Dead Bodies Laying On The Ground Clearly Indicating That Their " GENOCIDAL SYSTEM IS WORKING WELL " Inside This Mostly " Minority " Neighborhood!!

The Carnage Of The Welfare System And The Idiocrcy Of The Taxation Redistrubution System Are On Tour Here For Everyone To Plainly See!!

Keep In Mind That This Is A " Government Owned And Operated Building "; If It Was A " Privately Owned Building " It Would Have Been Seized Many Years Ago And Placed Into Receivership!!! Here Drugs Are Openly Sold To This Areas Children And They Are Openly Consumed In All Parts Of This Very Notorious New Brighton Building!!!

The Subverting Of American Society And The Perversion Of Young Minds Begins Right Here: This Is Our Slimey Satanville!!!

Please Take A Look At This Northern United States Major City Complete Urban HellHole!! This Truly Is " Thuglandia, U.S.A. "!!!

The top photo shows the front of this Zoo York Wild Kingdom Apartment Building at 131 Jersey Street on Staten Island!!

On the right hand side is the wedged open front door that is supposed to be locked at all times with a magnetic lock; But That Would Slow Down The Massive Sale And Consumption Of Our Very Illegal Narcotics!!

On the left hand side is the wedged open door all covered with tags and graffiti that leads to some stairs and the " Ground Floor " or Basement of this very notorious building!! This " Thuglandia " Area Is Very Ruthlessly Ruled By Satans Very Violent Young Savages!!

All day and night this area is used for the consumption of illegal narcotics mostly by young teenagers that I call " Satans Savages "!! These children do not have what " our main stream society " would call a normal upbringing; they are mostly the children of single women on welfare!! Some Of These Women Send There Sons Out Daily To Rob People Or To Sell Illegal Drugs!! Some Of These Women Send Their Daughters Out Daily To Turn Tricks!!! This Is How Disgusting It Is Here In Zoo Yorks Satanville!!!

The next three photos show the nasty walls with all of the tags and all of the graffiti of these very wayward and twisted youth!!

The fifth photo shows the stairs going to the " Ground Floor " or basement of this building where these lost souls sit and consumer the narcotics of chioce!! The New York City Housing Authority has four apartments on the Ground Floor that people have to pay for each and every month!!

The sixth photo shows the filthy " Ground Floor Hallway " that always stinks and reeks to high heaven!!

The seventh photo shows the exit door back out of this " Hellhole " that is a very dangerous for anyone to ever walk within!!

The last photo shows what " Satans Savages " have done to the newly lain sidewalk just outside the Richmond Terrace Houses Management Office to further display their wanton criminal arrogance!!

No Government Agency cares about these children doing drugs; no one wants to be bothered with them or to be bothered with their parents!!

The Decent People Living Here Are Completely Ignored In The Quest For " Those Under The Table And Untaxed Funds " Available When The Authorities Are " Looking The Other Way"!!!

This is the part of America that no one wants to talk about or ever do anything about!! This is the massive dirt under the rug that our society wants to keep very well hidden!! Ignoring Reality Does Not Make It Disappear!! !! "Right And Wrong Are Not Skin Colors"

"Welcome To The Swill And The Slime Of Satanville!!"

"The Satanville Times"

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