Another Satanville Christmas!!
(2017-12-31 at 00:08:15 )

Another Satanville Christmas!!

On a map of Staten Island this " north shore " section is called New Brighton!! However I call it " Satanville " because Satan is very clearly in charge of just about everything here including " the government ".

Drive by shootings and sidewalk shootings are very common things here in Satanville; as are the rampant drug dealing, the rampant prostitution; and the other numerous crimes that produce very illegal under-the-table monetary profits for everyone with their hands out more than willing to take every penny available!!

Ms Monique Hall, 42, who was shot in the back on Christmas afternoon while driving her car, while her son, Dayvon, 19, who suffered graze wounds to the head and shoulder as they fled! Two bullet holes were left in the passenger side of the car door, where Dayvon was sitting, and the back window was also smashed due to the shots fired.

Police initially stated that a female in a black SUV was being sought in connection with the incident.

The besieged tenants of 476 Richmond Terrace of the New York City Housing Authoritys Richmond Terrace Houses reported hearing multiple gunshots fired!!

It is a good thing that these gun-toting Satanville criminals are such bad shots when they fire their weapons or our homicide rate would be more than astounding!!

Genocide - The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national or racial group!!

Satan likes Nasty Swill everywhere and Satan likes your heart and your evil soul full of Slime!!

The ten photos pictured here are among the over six hundred Satanville pictures and many Paynal blogs of Cousin Lucky!!

This is New York City where " money is now God " where there is now " no such thing as dirty money "!!

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Genocide - The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national or racial group!!

All Criminal Activity Is Very Blantantly Flaunted Here Because Any And All Law Enforcement Is Nowhere To Be Found!!