Sabotaging Peace In Korea By Jacob G. Hornberger!!
(2018-01-03 at 12:08:54 )

Sabotaging Peace in Korea by Jacob G. Hornberger

It just might be that the two Koreas are figuring out a way to avoid war, much to the anger and chagrin of President Trump and the United States national-security establishment, who are obviously increasingly viewing war as inevitable and even in the best interests of the United States.

Why, even the United States mainstream press, which oftentimes seems to operate as an ex officio spokesman for the United States government, appears irritated over North Koreas initiation of talks with South Korea. The press describes North Koreas overtures not as an attempt to avoid war but instead as a cynical attempt to "drive a wedge" between the United States and South Korea.

Actually, it is President Trump, who is obviously upset that the Koreas are marginalizing him, that is using his ridiculous and dangerous tweeting abilities to further provoke North Korea, with the obvious intent of "driving a wedge" between North Korea and South Korea, a wedge that could conceivably sabotage talks between them.

Let us first get to the root of the problem in Korea. That root is the United States government, specifically the United States national-security branch of the government, i.e., the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency. That is the reason there is a crisis in Korea. That is the reason why war could suddenly break out, killing hundreds of thousands of people and more if the war turns nuclear.

The United States government and its acolytes in the mainstream press say that the problem is with North Koreas nuclear development program.

Balderdash! The problem is with the Pentagons and Central Intelligence Agencys decades-old aim to effect regime change in North Korea, a Cold War aim that they have never been able to let go of.

That is why the Pentagon has some 35,000 troops stationed in South Korea. That is why they have regular military exercises over there. That is why they have those bomber fly-overs. They want regime change, bad, just like they still do in Cuba and Iran, and just like they wanted (and got) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Chile, Guatemala, Indonesia, and so many other countries.

That is why North Korea wants nuclear bombs - to protect its communist regime by deterring the United States from attacking and fulfilling its decades-old aim of regime change.

North Korea knows that a nuclear deterrent is the only thing that might deter the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency from attacking.

The nuclear deterrent strategy certainly worked for Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Once the Soviet Union installed nuclear missiles in Cuba, that stopped the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency from attacking and invading the island again and even caused President Kennedy to vow that the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency would not again invade the island.

North Korea also has seen what happens to impoverished Third World regimes that do not have nuclear weapons, like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. They go down quickly to defeat and regime change at the hands of an all-powerful First World country.

Here is the big point: Korea is none of the United States governments business. Never has been and never will be.

The Korean conflict was always nothing more than a civil war. A civil war in an Asian country is none of the United States governments business. It was not in the 1950s when the war broke out. It still is not. Korea is the business of the Korean people.

Keep in mind also that United States interventionism into the Korean War was always illegal under our form of constitutional government.

The Constitution, which the president, the Pentagon, and the Central Intelligence Agency, swear to uphold, requires a congressional declaration of war. There was never a congressional declaration of war against North Korea. That means that United States troops and Central Intelligence Agency agents had no legal right to kill anyone in Korea, not with rifles, artillery, carpet bombing, or with the use of germ warfare against the North Korean people.

The Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency claimed that it was necessary to illegally intervene in Korea because the communists were coming to get us.

It was a lie, just as the entire Cold War was a lie. It was all just one great big fear-mongering racket to solidify the power and control of the military and intelligence services over the American people.

Those 35,000 United States troops in Korea today have no business being there, not only because the communists are still not coming to get us but also because they are simply the outgrowth of the original illegal intervention in the 1950s.

The Pentagon has those troops there for one reason and only one reason: No, not to defend and protect the South Korean people, who are of minor importance to United States officials compared to the United States, but rather to serve as a "tripwire" to guarantee United States involvement should war once again break out between the two Koreas.

In other words, no congressional deliberation on a declaration of war on whether to get involved should war break out. No national debate. Once tens of thousands of troops are automatically killed, the United States is, as a practical matter, stuck, trapped, committed. That is why the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency have those troops there - to box in the American people - to deprive them of a choice on whether to get involved in another land war in Asia or not.

That makes United States soldiers in Korea nothing more than little pawns. Their assigned role is to die in order to ensure that Congress has no say on whether the United States gets involved in another land war in Asia. The Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency, not Congress, remain in charge.

Why has the United States not already attacked North Korea? One big reason: China. It says that if the United States starts the war, it is coming in on the side of North Korea. China has lots of troops that could easily be sent into Korea to fight against United States forces. It also has a nuclear capability that can easily hit the United States.

So, that leaves Trump and his national security establishment doing their best to provoke North Korea into "firing the first shot," or at least making it look like they have fired the first shot, like what happened at the Gulf of Tonkin or what the Pentagon hoped to accomplish with Operation Northwoods and a concocted war against Cuba.

If Trump can successfully taunt, tease, antagonize, and provoke North Korea into attacking first, then he and his national-security establishment can exclaim, "We have been attacked by the communists! We are shocked! We are innocent! We have no choice but to protect America by carpet-bombing North Korea again, this time with nuclear bombs."

And as long as it is not the United States that suffers the death and destruction, it will all be considered acceptable. Tens of thousands of United States troops will be dead. Hundreds of thousands of Koreans will also be dead. Both countries will be devastated. But the United States will remain intact and, equally important, will no longer be threatened by North Koreas growing nuclear capability. It will all be considered a victory as far as the United States is concerned.

That is why the South Koreans are smart in agreeing to talk to North Korea. If they were really smart, they would give Trump, the Pentagon, and the Central Intelligence Agency the boot. The best thing South Korea could ever do is immediately kick out every United States soldier and every Central Intelligence Agency agent out of their country. Send them packing back to the United States.

Sure, Trump would be hopping bad, just as the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency would be. So what?

It would be the best thing that could ever happen to Korea, the United States, and the world.

Printed here with permission from Mr. Jacob G. Hornberger of The Future of Freedom Foundation!! Their Great Website!!