From Margaret Mead

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

2012-11-15 at 01:11:03

From Frank Chodorov

The citizen is sovereign only when he can retain and enjoy the fruits
of his labor. If the government has first claim on his property he
must learn to genuflect before it. When the right of property is
abrogated, all the other rights of the individual are undermined, and
to speak of the sovereign citizen who has no absolute right to
property is to talk nonsense. It is like saying that the slave is
free because he is allowed to do anything he wants to do ( even vote,
if you wish ) except to own what he produces.

2012-11-12 at 21:37:22

From Chris Hedges

Our masters rely on our labor to make them wealthy, on our children
for cannon fodder in war and on our collective chants for adulation.
They would otherwise happily slip us rat poison. When they retreat
into their inner sanctums, which they keep hidden from public view,
they speak in the cold words of manipulation, power and privilege,
words that expose their visions of themselves as entitled and
beyond the reach of morality or law.

2012-11-11 at 05:27:37

From Philip Giraldi

We are seeing a series of wars unprecedented in scope that are carefully
being disguised as non-wars, or, at best, limited objective constabulary
actions, while the definition of terrorist has become increasingly elastic,
permitting the listing of anyone who supports in any way or condones the
activities of any group viewed as threatening to American interests.

2012-11-10 at 13:42:46

More From Lord Acton

Liberty is not a means to a higher political end. It is itself the highest political end.

2012-11-08 at 13:21:19

From Justice Robert H. Jackson

Uncontrolled search and seizure is one of the first and most effective
weapons in the arsenal of every arbitrary government. Among deprivations
of rights, none is so effective in cowing a population, crushing the
spirit of the individual and putting terror in every heart.

2012-11-07 at 14:36:58

From William Dale

Nearly every reform proposal offered to fix "the health-care crisis" calls
for increased governmental control of medicine. These proposals are the
logical result of the belief that there is a "right" to medical care. But
there is no such right. Rights, properly understood, do not include an
entitlement to the services of others.

2012-10-31 at 00:48:25

More Wisdom From Anthony Gregory

The way I see it, war is the most important issue, if anything is. It
endangers American lives, destroys foreign lives by the thousands and
millions, wrecks nations, fosters resentment, costs trillions of dollars,
unleashes unspeakable property damage, and has historically served as
cover for more attacks on economic and civil liberty than all other factors
combined. So long as the U.S. is at perpetual war, domestic liberty is
an impossible dream. What both candidates said last night was: America,
you might as well give up on freedom for another four years at least.

2012-10-28 at 17:30:00

From Suprem Court Justice David Davis

The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people, equally
in war and in peace, and covers with the shield of its protection all classes
of men, at all times, and under all circumstances. No doctrine, involving
more pernicious consequences, was ever invented by the wit of man than
that any of its provisions can be suspended during any of the great
exigencies of government.

2012-10-19 at 17:25:51

From Bruce D. Porter

Instead of liberty, the favorite watchword has become liberation. Under this banner march the tyrannies of our time, from Soviet Russia with its wars of national liberation to the kaleidoscope of coercive political programs in America which invoke the mirage of liberation. The twentieth century has been a century of liberation -- of a war on freedom fought in the name of freedom. The irony of Americas present course is that in the name of freedom from restraints, every source of independent power and morality is being undermined; in the name of freedom from work, want, and scarcity, the constitutional framework of liberty is being dismantled, attacked, and perverted past recognition. Beyond the irony stands the very real tragedy that in the name of freedom we are being led inexorably toward oppression and slavery.

2012-10-19 at 14:01:01

From William Leggett

Whenever a Government assumes the power of discriminating between the
different classes of the community, it becomes, in effect, the arbiter
of their prosperity, and exercises a power not contemplated by any
intelligent people in delegating their sovereignty to their rulers. It then
becomes the great regulator of the profits of every species of industry,
and reduces men from dependence on their own exertions, to a dependence
on the caprices of their Government. Governments possess no delegated
right to tamper with individual industry a single hairs-breadth beyond
what is essential to protect the rights of person and property.

2012-10-08 at 21:57:34

From William Somerset Maugham

If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and
the irony of it is that, if it is comfort or money it values more, it will
lose that too.

2012-10-22 at 05:59:12

From Paul Craig Roberts

The US government is the second worst human rights abuser on the planet
and the sole enabler of the worst - Israel.

2012-09-22 at 11:42:15

From My Grandfather Robert Lee

" You Can Not Do Anything About The Weather; And You Can Not Do
Anything About The Perceptions That Others Think About You!!
When It Is Cold Outside Dress Warmly; When Bias Comes Do Not
Get Upset, Just Move On!! "~Robert Lee

2013-05-09 at 13:41:25

From Texas Congressman Ron Paul

The most basic principle to being a free American is the notion that we
as individuals are responsible for our own lives and decisions. We do not
have the right to rob our neighbors to make up for our mistakes, neither
does our neighbor have any right to tell us how to live, so long as we
are not infringing on their rights. Freedom to make bad decisions is
inherent in the freedom to make good ones. If we are only free to make
good decisions, we are not really free.

2011-12-31 at 14:36:11

As You Traverse This Life Please Try To Remember That There Are No Absolute Mistakes; There Are Only Errors In Your Perceived Judgement As To The Likely Outcomes Of Your Actions!!!