From Real Serious Cousin Lucky

Everything Within The Entire Universe Is Related;
We Are All Cousins!!

2011-08-04 at 01:54:46

From Leslie Snyder

Justice is the only foundation upon which a society of free and
independent people can exist. Justice is a concrete, recognizable, and
objective principle. It Is Not A Matter Of Opinion.

2011-08-03 at 20:18:07

Honoring My Grandfather On This Fathers Day

Let Me Honor My Grandfather On This Fathers Day Because It Was He That Taught
Me That I Must Adhere To Morals, Principles, And God; And Never To People
Who Are Fallible And Sometimes Corrupt!! He Taught Me To Be Open And Able To
Listen The Thoughts Of All Who Had Something Relevant To Say Or Relevant To
Teach Irregardless Of Skin Color, Religion, Or Nationality!! If Something
Makes Sense To Me, No Matter Who Said It, I Am Truly Honored To Be Able
To See And Share Their Wisdom!!

2011-12-31 at 14:37:24

From William Allen White

Liberty Is The Only Thing You Cannot Have Unless You Are Willing
To Give It To Others.

2011-04-26 at 02:24:45

From Sir William Francis Butler

The Nation That Will Insist Upon Drawing A Broad Line Of Demarcation
Between The Fighting Man And The Thinking Man Is Liable To Find Its
Fighting Being Done By Fools And Its Thinking Being Done By Cowards.

2011-04-18 at 21:07:26

From Genx123 On

" George W Odumbo......Embarrassment We Can Believe In. "

2011-04-06 at 16:09:12

From Margaret Durst

Remember, Your Health Is a Direct Ref lection Of What You Eat,
Assimilate, And Do Not Eliminate.

2011-03-04 at 22:55:15

More Wisdom From Paul Craig Roberts

When It Comes To Waste And Corruption, Lies And Deception,
The United States Government Has No Equal.

2011-02-25 at 09:14:40

More Wisdom From Albert Jay Nock

The Human Race Has An Indefeasible Love For What Is Graceful, Amiable
And Becoming, And Is Somehow Aware That Those Qualities Can Flourish
Only Under Freedom.

2011-02-21 at 19:27:35

From U.S. Senator Russ Feingold

"Of course, there is no doubt that if we lived in a Police State, it
would be easier to catch terrorists.
If we lived in a country that allowed the police to search your home at
any time for any reason; if we lived in a country that allowed the
government to open your mail, eavesdrop on your phone conversations,
or intercept your email communications; if we lived in a country that
allowed the government to hold people in jail indefinitely based on what
they write or think, or based on mere suspicion that they are up to no
good, then the government would no doubt discover and arrest more
terrorists. But that probably would not be a country in which we would
want to live. And that would not be a country for which we could, in
good conscience, ask our young people to fight and die.
In Short, That Would Not Be America."

2011-02-28 at 23:32:48

From Charles B. Shuman

The Greatest Threat to the Future of our Nation - to our Freedom - is
Not foreign military aggression - but the growing dependence of the
People on a Paternalistic government. A Nation is no stronger than its
people and the Best Measure of their Strength is how they Accept
Responsibility. There will never be a Great Society unless the
Materialism of the Welfare state is Replaced by Individual
Initiative and Responsibility.

2011-02-19 at 04:14:42

Some Wisdom From Congressman Ron Paul

In the final analysis, the last line of defense in support of Freedom
and the Constitution consists of the People themselves. If the People
want to be Free, if they want to Lift Themselves out from underneath
a State Apparatus that Threatens their Liberties, Squanders their
Resources on Needless Wars, Destroys the Value of their Dollar, and
Spews forth Endless Propaganda about how indispensable it is and how
lost we would all be without It, there is No force that can Stop Them.

2011-02-14 at 19:15:14

More From Herbert Spencer

The Ultimate Result Of Shielding Men From The Eff ects Of Folly
Is To Fill The World With Fools.

2011-03-19 at 11:21:34

From Gloria Steinem

If I Did Not Come From The Working Class, I Would Not Know Anything!

2011-02-12 at 12:52:31

And More From Sheldon Richman

One Way To Help Eliminate The Need For Uprisings Such As We Are Seeing
In Egypt Would Be For The U.S. Government To Stop Supporting Dictators.

2011-02-05 at 18:53:37

As You Traverse This Life Please Try To Remember That There Are No Absolute Mistakes; There Are Only Errors In Your Perceived Judgement As To The Likely Outcomes Of Your Actions!!!