From Malcolm Martin

The World Economy Is Teetering, That Is Very Clear To All. The Important
Thing For People To Realize Is That It Will Collapse. It Is Going To Stop
Working All Together And Relatively Soon. When It Happens Your Bank Will
Disappear And Your Currency Will Be Worthless, Your Grocery Store Will
Become An Empty Shell, Your Gas Station Will Run Dry, Your Lights Will
Go Out, And Your Cell Phone Will Stop Working.

2009-09-11 at 19:51:58

From Henry Giroux

If Our Youth Once Constituted A Social Investment In The Future And
Symbolized The Promise Of A Better World, They Are Now Entering Another
Stage In The Construction Of A Global Social Order In Which Children
Are Increasingly Demonized And Increasingly Criminalized.

2009-09-11 at 19:25:04

From James Baldwin

It Is Certain, In Any Case, That Ignorance, Allied With Power, Is
The Most Ferocious Enemy That Justice Can Ever Have.

2009-09-11 at 19:09:55

From Robert Ringer

A Man Has The Right To Dispose Of His Life And His Property In Any Way
He Chooses, Without Interference From Anyone Else. A Man Has No Right To
Dispose Of Any Other Humans Life Or Proeprty, No Matter Whatever His
Personal Rationalizations Might Be To Do So.

2009-09-11 at 17:37:59

From Patrick Henry

The Constitution Is Not An Instrument For Government To Restrain The
People; It Is An Instrument For The People To Restrain The Government -
Lest It Come To Dominate Our Lives And Our Interests.

2009-09-10 at 20:56:07

From Dr. Walter Williams

We Can Thank Public Education For American Gullibility.

2009-09-10 at 18:34:36

From Saul Bellow

A Great Deal Of Intelligence Can Be Invested In Ignorance When The
Need For Illusion Is Deep.

2009-09-08 at 19:23:46

More Wisdom From Ayn Rand

Progress Cannot Be Planned By Government, And Cannot Be Restricted
Or Retarded; It Can Only Be Stopped.

2009-09-07 at 14:23:08

More From Robert Higgs

In World War II, The Belligerents Plumbed New Depths Of Depravity:
Operation Of Mass-Destruction Death Camps, Torture Of Every Conceivable
Kind, Terror Bombing And Other Attacks Systematically Aimed At Civilian
Populations, Crowned By The Gratuitous Atomic Bombing Of Two Large,
Defenseless Cities. I Am Aware That Some People Still Defend Some Of
These Heinous Actions, But In My Mind Nothing The War Achieved Can
Justify Them.

2009-09-05 at 19:59:49

From Herbert Spencer

The Ultimate Result Of Shielding Men From The Effects Of Folly
Is To Fill The World With Fools.

2009-09-04 at 18:27:17

From The First Inaugural Of Thomas Jefferson March 4, 1801

A Wise And Frugal Government.. Shall Restrain Men From Injuring One
Another, Shall Leave Them Otherwise Free To Regulate Their Own Pursuits
Of Industry And Improvement, And Shall Not Take From The Mouth Of Labor
The Bread It Has Earned. This Is The Sum Of Good Government!

2009-09-03 at 17:22:02

From Marc Faber

One Stimulus Will Lead To The Next One, And Then More Money Printing,
And Then The Collapse. The US Government Will Go Bust, Then It Will
Go To War. Buy A Farm And A Gun.

2009-09-01 at 18:30:13

From Jeremy Grantham

It Should Be Obvious From Simple Arithmetic That Population Growth Is
On A Direct Collision Course With Increasingly Scarce Resources.

2009-08-29 at 17:58:29

And More From Ayn Rand

When You See Corruption Being Rewarded And Honesty Becoming A Self-
Sacrifice - You May Know That Your Society Is Doomed.

2009-08-29 at 16:13:34

From Lord Acton

Truth Is The Only Merit That Gives Dignity And Worth To History.

2009-08-28 at 18:08:23

As You Traverse This Life Please Try To Remember That There Are No Absolute Mistakes; There Are Only Errors In Your Perceived Judgement As To The Likely Outcomes Of Your Actions!!!