More From Henry David Thoreau

What Does Education Often Do! - It Makes A Straight-Cut Ditch Out Of
A Free, Meandering Brook.

2009-05-07 at 19:27:08

From Ted Nugent

To My Mind It Is Wholly Irresponsible To Go Into the World Incapable Of
Preventing Violence, Injury, Crime, and Death. How Feeble Is The Mindset
To Accept Defenselessness. How Unnatural. How Cheap. How Cowardly.
How Utterly Pathetic Is That State Of Affairs?

2009-05-07 at 15:32:03

From M. A. Bakunin

I Am Free Only So Far As I Am Able To Recognize The Humanity And Respect
The Liberty Of All The Humans That Are Surrounding Me.

2009-05-07 at 13:54:13

From Benito Mussolini

Fascism Should More Appropriately Be Called CORPORATISM
Because It Is A Merger Of State And Corporate Power.

2009-05-04 at 22:04:27

From James Mussatti

Our most Formidable Fortress of Defense in These Times of Stress Still
Remains the Constitution of These United States. But it is only as good
as our understanding and defense of the purpose for which it was drafted.
Eternal Vigilance and Personal Responsibility are Still the Price of
Our Human Liberty.

2009-05-04 at 20:20:52

From Confucius

When You Have Faults, Do Not Ever Fear To Abandon Them.
Hold Faithfulness And Sincerity As Your Very First Principles.
Have No Friends That Are Not Equal To Yourself.

2009-05-04 at 14:08:08

More from Samuel Adams

If Ever A Time Should Come, When Vain And Aspiring Men Shall Possess The
Highest Seats In Government, Our Beloved Country Will Stand In Need Of
Its Experienced Patriots To Prevent Its Ruin.

2009-05-01 at 15:55:30

From Mortimer Adler

Freedom Is The Emancipation From The Arbitrary Rule Of Other Men.

2009-04-29 at 16:46:49

From A.W. Stewart

The Percentage of Correct Decisions Which Individuals Make Is Very High
When They Are Risking Their Own Money And Their Own Future. However,The
Percentage of Correct Decisions Is Very Low When Made By Politicians,
so-called Intellectuals, and Others, Regardless of Their Intelligence,
Who Are Not Faced With The Discipline Of Having To Pay For Their Own
Mistakes With Their Own Earnings.

2009-04-28 at 23:31:07

Wisdom From Rokytnji

You Should Always Work To Become, Not To Acquire!.- Rokytnji 2009

2009-04-28 at 18:26:02

From James F. Byrnes

Power Intoxicates Men. When a Man is intoxicated by alcohol, he can
recover, but when He Is Intoxicated By Power, He Seldom Recovers.

2009-04-27 at 15:33:03

From Inge Genefke

The Aim of Torture is to Destroy a Person as a Human Being, to Destroy
Their Identity and Soul. It is More Evil Than Murder.

2009-04-23 at 23:41:08

From John Quincy Adams

America, with the same Voice which spoke Herself into existence as a
Nation, Proclaimed to Mankind the Inextinguishable Rights of Human
Nature, and the ONLY Lawful Foundations of Government.

2009-04-22 at 14:32:56

From Abigail Adams

I am more and more convinced that Man is a Dangerous Creature, and that
Power whether vested in Many or a Few is Ever Grasping, and Like The
Grave Cries Give, Give, Give.

2009-04-21 at 14:03:29

From Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

He alone is great and happy who requires Neither To Command Nor To
Obey in order to Secure His Being of Some Importance in the World.

2009-04-20 at 15:19:53

As You Traverse This Life Please Try To Remember That There Are No Absolute Mistakes; There Are Only Errors In Your Perceived Judgement As To The Likely Outcomes Of Your Actions!!!