And More From Ayn Rand

When You See Corruption Being Rewarded And Honesty Becoming A Self-
Sacrifice - You May Know That Your Society Is Doomed.

2009-08-29 at 16:13:34

From Lord Acton

Truth Is The Only Merit That Gives Dignity And Worth To History.

2009-08-28 at 18:08:23

Ms Karen DeCoster on Barack Obama

Now That The Leader Of The Machine Is Half Black, Nothing Has Changed In
The Way We Need To Look At The State. He Is As Much A Part Of The
Establishment - Or More - Than Any Modern President

2009-08-29 at 15:37:53

More From Friedrich A. Hayek

Responsibility, Not To A Superior, But To Your Own Conscience, The
Awareness Of A Duty Not Exacted By Compulsion, The Necessity To Decide
Which Of The Things You Hold Dear Are To Be Sacrificed For The Sake Of
Others, And To Bear All Of The Consequences Of Your Own Decision, Are
The Very Essence Of Any Morals Which Deserve The Name.

2009-08-21 at 19:48:45

From Max Weber

Government Is That Entity Which Has A Monopoly On Force
Within A Prescribed Geographic Area

2009-08-20 at 23:27:01

From Norman Douglas

Distrust Of Authority Should Be The First Civic Duty.

2009-08-20 at 18:32:09

Yet More From Ludwig von Mises

No One Can Find A Safe Way Out For Himself If Society Is Sweeping
Towards Destruction. Therefore Everyone, In His Own Interests, Must
Thrust Himself Vigorously Into The Intellectual Battle. No One Can
Stand Aside With Unconcern; The Interests Of Everyone Hang On The
Result. Whether He So Chooses To Or Not, Every Man Is Drawn Into The
Great Historical Struggle, The Decisive Battle Into Which Our Present
Epoch Has Plunged Us.

2009-08-15 at 17:59:59

Yet More From Thomas Jefferson

Though Written Constitutions May Be Violated In Moments Of Passion Or
Delusion, Yet They Furnish A Text To Which Those Who Are Watchful May
Once Again Rally And Recall The People. They Fix, Too, For The People
The Principles Of Their Political Creed.

2009-08-15 at 17:50:05

More From Georg Hegel

What Experience And History Teach Is This - That People And Their
Governments Never Have Learned Anything From History, Nor
Acted Upon The Principles Deduced From It

2009-08-11 at 14:53:00

From Zechariah Chafee, Jr.

We Must Choose Between Freedom And Fear - We Cannot Have Both. If The
Citizens Of The United States Persist In Being Afraid, The Real Rulers
Of This Country Will Be The Fanatics Fired Up With A Zeal To Save Grown
Men From Objectionable Ideals By Putting Them Under The Care Of Official
Government Nursemaids.

2009-08-10 at 21:10:45

From Edward Gibbon

History Is Indeed Little More Than The Register Of The Crimes,
Follies, And Misfortunes Of Mankind

2009-08-08 at 21:37:46

From Malik El-Shabazz

The Press Is So Powerful In Its Image-Making Role, It Can Make A Criminal
Look Like He Is The Victim And Make The Victim Look Like He Is The
Criminal. This Is The Press, An Irresponsible Press. If You Are Not
Careful, The Newspapers Will Have You Hating The People Who Are Being
Oppressed And Loving The People Who Are Doing The Oppressing.

2009-08-08 at 19:25:59

From Rand Paul the son of Ron Paul

You Cannot Borrow And Borrow And Borrow And Print Money To Pay For This
Deficit Without Repercussions, And The Repercussions Will Be Higher
Prices In The Grocery Stores.

2009-08-08 at 19:17:15

From Merle Miller

Secrecy And A Free, Democratic Government Do Not Mix.

2009-08-06 at 19:17:43

From Michael D. Gaddy

In The America In Which We Now Live, The Government Is Totally Corrupt;
This Includes The Courts, The Judges, The Prosecutors, And Those Paid To
"Serve And Protect." They All Have Taken An Oath To "Protect And Defend"
But Set About Immediately To Destroy The Object Of Their Sworn Allegiance.
Those Of Us Who Cherish And Tenaciously Hang On To Our Human Rights
Are Now Seen As "Domestic Terrorists" And A Threat To Their Criminal Enterprise.

2009-08-06 at 00:08:21

As You Traverse This Life Please Try To Remember That There Are No Absolute Mistakes; There Are Only Errors In Your Perceived Judgement As To The Likely Outcomes Of Your Actions!!!