From Randolph Bourne

War is like a wild elephant. It carries the rider where it wants, not where he wants to go.

2017-05-05 at 13:14:27

More From Cousin Lucky

Your own mind is the most effective deceiver you will ever encounter!!

2017-05-05 at 09:10:03

From James Madison

"Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the Executive is extended; its influence in dealing out offices, honors, and emoluments is multiplied; and all the means of seducing the minds, are added to those of subduing the force, of the people. The same malignant aspect in republicanism may be traced in the inequality of fortunes, and the opportunities of fraud, growing out of a state of war, and in the degeneracy of manners and of morals engendered by both. No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare."

2017-05-04 at 15:38:17

From Lenin

It is not important who directly advocates a particular policy, since under the present noble system of capitalism any money-bag can always "hire", buy or enlist any number of lawyers, writers and even parliamentary deputies, professors, parsons and the like to defend any views. ...Yes, indeed! In politics it is not so important who directly advocates particular views. What is important is who stands to gain from these views, proposals, measures.

2017-04-28 at 16:27:53

From Albert Soloman

Roman Stoicism had been developed in times of despotism as a philosophy of lonely and courageous souls who had recognized the redeeming power of philosophical reason in all the moral and social purposes of life. Philosophy as a way of life makes men free. It is the last ditch stand of liberty in a world of servitude.

2017-04-27 at 12:13:43

From Zyblin at Linux Questions

Look at history. Look at the world. It does not matter who is in power, it does not matter the geographical location or time. We are all human, governments are made up of humans, and we all continuously repeat the past. The common thread of all people, through out time and all around the world is this. We are all narcissists, liars and murders, practicing or in waiting.

Show me solid, historical proof I am wrong. Because unless we all admit it, world wide, nothing will ever change!

2017-04-26 at 14:11:54

From Jacob G. Hornberger

The president now wields the power to assassinate Americans and to arrest Americans, incarcerate them, and torture them, all without any judicial accountability, due process of law, and trial by jury. Those are powers that traditionally are wielded by totalitarian regimes. Yet, the president of the United States is democratically elected.

A free society necessarily depends on the limitation of power of whoever happens to hold public office. That was what the United States Constitution was all about - to limit the power of those holding federal office.

2017-04-25 at 13:04:11

From Norm Stamper, former Seattle police chief

"Policing is broken... It has evolved as a paramilitary, bureaucratic, organizational arrangement that distances police officers from the communities they have been sworn to protect and serve. When we have shooting after shooting after shooting that most people would define as at least questionable, it is time to look, not just at a few bad apples, but at the barrel. And I am convinced that it is the barrel that is rotted."

2017-04-25 at 13:02:05

More From John W. Whitehead

Stop being so obedient. Stop being so compliant and herdlike. Stop kowtowing to anyone and everyone in uniform. Stop perpetuating the false notion that those who work for the government-the president, Congress, the courts, the military, the police-are in any way superior to the rest of the citizenry. Stop playing politics with your principles. Stop making excuses for the governments growing list of human rights abuses and crimes. Stop turning a blind eye to the governments corruption and wrongdoing and theft and murder. Stop tolerating ineptitude and incompetence by government workers. Stop allowing the government to treat you like a second-class citizen. Stop censoring what you say and do for fear that you might be labeled an extremist or worse, unpatriotic. Stop sitting silently on the sidelines while the police state kills, plunders and maims your fellow citizens. Stop being a slave.

2017-04-23 at 21:16:48

More From Cousin Lucky

Unfortunately, when we leave our homes there is no way to tell what misfortune may cross our paths; if we go looking for trouble it may find us unprepared for the outcome!!

2017-04-23 at 19:13:25

From Glenn Greenwald

Oppression is designed to compel obedience and submission to authority. Those who voluntarily put themselves in that state - by believing that their institutions of authority are just and good and should be followed rather than subverted - render oppression redundant, unnecessary. Of course people who think and behave this way encounter no oppression. That is their reward for good, submissive behavior. They are left alone by institutions of power because they comport with the desired behavior of complacency and obedience without further compulsion. But the fact that good, obedient citizens do not themselves perceive oppression does not mean that oppression does not exist.

2017-04-21 at 13:59:02

From Howard Zinn

Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is the numbers of people all over the world who have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience.. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world, in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country. That is our problem.. people are obedient, all these herdlike people.

2017-04-21 at 13:56:23

From Frederic Bastiat

Self-interest is that indomitable individualistic force within us that urges us on to progress and discovery, but at the same time disposes us to monopolize our discoveries. Competition is that no less indomitable humanitarian force that wrests progress, as fast as it is made, from the hands of the individual and places it at the disposal of all mankind.

2017-04-21 at 13:54:25

From Joe Weisberg

"I think the Russian villain has endured in part because Americans are able to use Russian enemy stereotypes without fearing that they are treading into racist territory. Somehow, it is just free of those symbols and those associations, whereas most of the others, in what is now our fairly broad collection of people that we sometimes consider enemies, most of them are connected on some level with racist stereotypes or fears of racist stereotypes, and Russians just do not have that association. It is almost like open season on Russians."

2017-04-20 at 16:41:44

From Dwight Eisenhower

Any person who does not clearly understand that national security and national solvency are mutually dependent, and that permanent maintenance of a crushing weight of military power would eventually create dictatorship, should not be entrusted with any kind of responsibility in our country.

2017-04-20 at 16:40:46

As You Traverse This Life Please Try To Remember That There Are No Absolute Mistakes; There Are Only Errors In Your Perceived Judgement As To The Likely Outcomes Of Your Actions!!!