Yet More From Robert Higgs

We live, as F. A. Hayek observed as long ago as 1935, not in a market
system, but in a situation of interventionist chaos, where virtually
every market is so hog-tied by regulations, laws, and taxes or so
artificially pumped up by subsidies, regulatory advantages, and tax
loopholes that virtually nothing remains pure and unsullied by the
filthy hand of the interventionist state.

2009-10-03 at 16:09:24

The Real Mainstream Media As Seen By Cousin Lucky

Here Are The Stories, Myths, and Schemes That The Ministry Of Truth
Has Thus Far Prepared For You To Swallow Whole Today!

2009-10-03 at 15:35:08

From Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Scientists may be in the business of laughing at their predecessors, but
owing to an array of human mental dispositions, few realize that someone
will laugh at their beliefs in the, disappointingly near, future.

2009-10-02 at 16:17:16

From General Omar Bradley

Ours Is A World Of Nuclear Giants And Ethical Infants. We Know More
About War Than We Know About Peace, More About Killing Than We Know
About Living.

2009-10-01 at 17:07:02

More From Butler Shaffer

Collectivism Is A Religion For Losers; A Belief System That Allows The
Government To Marshal The Wealth And Energies Of People For A Coerced
Redistribution To Those Elite Few That It Favors.

2009-09-28 at 19:58:45

And Yet More from Ludwig von Mises

Tyranny Is The Political Corollary Of Socialism, As Representative
Government Is The Political Corollary Of The Market Economy.

2009-09-28 at 14:16:46

From Ejija of the Fifth Continent

I Complement You - Your Facility Of Understatement Is Exceeded Only By
Your Mastery Of Silence, But Measuring This With The Word SHAME
Surpasses All Of Your Previous Achievements In Articulation!!

2009-09-27 at 07:04:31

More From Lysander Spooner

But Whether The Constitution Really Be One Thing, Or Another, This Much
Is Certain - That It Has Either Authorized Such A Government As We Have
Had, Or Has Been Powerless To Prevent It.
In Either Case, It Is Unfit To Exist.

2009-09-26 at 20:40:30

More From Alexis de Tocqueville

All Military Geniuses Love Centralization, Which Increases Their
Strength, And All Centralizing Geniuses Love War, Which Obliges
Nations To Concentrate All Powers In The Hands Of The State.

2009-09-25 at 18:27:00

From Big Thunder - Algonquin

The Great Spirit Is In All Things; He Is In The Air We Breathe. The
Great Spirit Is Our Father, But The Earth Is Our Mother. She Nourishes
Us; That Which We Put Into The Ground She Returns To Us.

2009-09-24 at 20:12:34

From Mark Twain

It Could Probably Be Shown By Facts And Figures That There Is No
Distinctly Native American Criminal Class Except The U.S. Congress.

2009-09-22 at 19:25:09

More From Henry Hazlitt

The Tremendous Merit Of Gold Is, If We Want To Put It That Way, A
Negative One: It Is Not A Managed Paper Money That Can Ruin Everyone Who
Is Legally Forced To Accept It Or Who Puts His Confidence In It. The
Technical Criticism Of The Gold Standard Become Utterly Trivial When
Compared With This Single Merit.

2009-09-22 at 18:37:26

More From Charley Reese

One Hundred Senators, 435 Congresmen, One President, And Nine Supreme
Court Justices - 545 Human Beings Out Of The 235 Million Of Us - Are
Directly, Legally, Morally And Individually Responsible For All Of The
Domestic Problems That Plague This Country.

2009-09-21 at 18:08:16

More From Michael Gaddy

The Actual Message Delivered Throughout The Pages Of History To Those
Who Believe In Their Right To Self-Determination IS: If You Dare To Ever
Challenge The Right Of The Government To Control Your Daily Life,
You Will Be Hunted Down And Eliminated.

2009-09-21 at 18:09:33

From Larry Pinkney

Welcome To The United States Of America, The Land Of Great Hypocrisy,
Determined Denial, And Super Slick Subterfuge.

2009-09-20 at 12:37:33

As You Traverse This Life Please Try To Remember That There Are No Absolute Mistakes; There Are Only Errors In Your Perceived Judgement As To The Likely Outcomes Of Your Actions!!!