More From Murray N. Rothbard

Instead of a bumbling and inefficient toll of society, the radical
Libertarian sees the State itself, in its very nature, as Coercive,
Exploitative, Parasitic, and hence profoundly antisocial. The State
Is, and always has been, the Greatest Single Enemy Of The Human Race,
of its Liberty, its Happiness, and its Progress.

2009-11-06 at 12:26:38

From Louis Dembitz Brandeis

Fear Of Serious Injury Cannot Alone Justify Suppression Of Free Speech
And Assembly. Men Feared Witches And Burned Women. It Is The Function
Of Speech To Free Men From The Bondage Of Irrational Fears.

2009-11-05 at 14:25:02

From Wilhelm Ropke

In spite of its alluring name, the Welfare State stands or falls by
Compulsion. It is Compulsion Imposed Upon Us with the Power of the State
to Punish Noncompliance. Once This is Clear, it is Equally Clear that
the welfare State is an EVIL the Same as Every Restriction of Freedom.

2009-11-03 at 21:33:57

And More From Thomas Paine

Immediate Necessity makes many things Convenient, which if continued
would Grow into Oppressions. Expedience and Right are Different Things.
When we are planning for Posterity, we Ought to Remember that Virtue
Is Not Hereditary.

2009-11-02 at 21:02:24

From Rudyard Kipling

It is not wise for the Christian white To hustle the Asian brown; For the
Christian riles And the Asian smiles And weareth the Christian down.
At the end of the fight Lies a tombstone white With the name of the late
deceased; And the epitaph drear, A fool lies here, Who tried to hustle
the East.

2009-11-01 at 17:16:17

And More From Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.

To Be An Economist With Integrity Means Having To Say Things That People
Do Not Want To Hear, And Especially To Say Things That The Regime Does
Not Want To Hear. It Takes More Than Technical Knowledge To Be A Good
Economist. It Takes Moral Courage, And That Is In Even Shorter Supply
Than Economic Logic.

2009-11-01 at 16:09:52

More From Martin Luther King

Philanthropy Is Very Commendable, But Hopefully It Must Not Cause The
Philanthropist To Overlook The Dire Circumstances Of Economic Injustice
Which Make Such Philanthropy Necessary.

2009-11-01 at 15:10:50

From Anne Hutchinson

As I Understand It, Laws, Commands, Rules, And Edicts Are For Those
Who Have Not The Light Which Makes Plain The Pathway.

2009-10-29 at 17:05:59

Send The Marines Lyrics From Tom Lehrer

For Might Makes Right, And Until They Have Seen The Light, They Have Got
To Be Protected, All Their Rights Respected, Until Somebody We Like Can
Be Elected.

2009-10-29 at 16:53:25

More From Frederick Douglass

No Man Can Put A Chain About The Ankle Of His Fellow Man Without At
Last Finding The Other End Fastened About His Own Neck.

2009-10-28 at 14:02:02

And Yet More From Ludwig von Mises

Modern war is merciless, it does not spare pregnant women or infants; it
is indiscriminate killing and destroying. It does not respect the rights
of neutrals. Millions are killed, enslaved, or expelled from the dwelling
places in which their ancestors lived for centuries. Nobody can foretell
what will happen in the next chapter of this endless struggle. This has
little to do with the atomic bomb. The root of the evil is not the
construction of new, more dreadful weapons. It is the spirit of conquest.
It is probable that scientists will discover some methods of defense
against the atomic bomb. But this will not alter things, it will merely
prolong for a short time the process of the complete destruction of

2009-10-27 at 16:50:50

From Lila Rajiva

The Greatest And Best Defense We Have Against The Charlatans And Knaves
Who Brought Our Society To Its Knees Is Not The Law.
It Is Self-Knowledge And Discipline.

2009-10-27 at 12:30:35

And More From Friedrich A. Hayek

The Most Dangerous Person On Earth Is An Arrogant Intellectual Who Lacks
The Humility Necessary To See That Society Needs No Masters And Cannot Be
Planned From The Top Down. An Intellectual Lacking Humility Can Become
A Tyrant, And An Accomplice In The Destruction Of Civilization Itself.

2009-10-26 at 17:17:51

And More From Sheldon Richman

Someday, We Really Have To Stop Thinking Of Elected Officials As Our
Representatives. That Kind Of Talk Is Just Their Way Of Keeping Us From
Ever Realizing What They Are Doing To Us.

2009-10-24 at 21:24:20

From Thomas Merton

Fear is perhaps the greatest enemy of candor. How many men fear to
follow their conscience because they would rather conform to the opinion
of other men than to the truth they know in their hearts? How can I be
sincere if I am constantly changing my mind to conform with the shadow
of what I think others expect of me?

2009-10-23 at 22:43:37

As You Traverse This Life Please Try To Remember That There Are No Absolute Mistakes; There Are Only Errors In Your Perceived Judgement As To The Likely Outcomes Of Your Actions!!!