More from Thomas Paine

Government, Even In Its Best State, Is But A Necessary Evil;
In Its Worst State, An Intolerable One!

2010-03-10 at 13:35:01

From Wilton D. Alston

There is no scenario under which the government can spend money more
effectively than a truly-private enterprise and no scenario under which
the money spent by the government will not hurt those who it was supposed
to help, eventually, probably sooner rather than later. The fact that
such money is deficit-financed just makes bad matters worse. Occasionally,
as in the case of TARP, it is pretty clear at the outset that the money
is specifically intended to provide corporate welfare, and no one on
either side of the political aisle even pretends that they are trying to
help the common folk.
At least they were honest in their dishonesty that one time.

2010-03-08 at 21:56:33

From Rokytnji On Linux Forums

Tar, Feathers, Congress. Some Assembly Required.

2010-03-05 at 21:32:22

From Joe Bageant

Did You Hear The One About The United States Senator Who Married A Crack
Whore? Inside Of Six Weeks He Brought Her Down To His Level.

2010-03-04 at 18:45:09

From Joe Bageant

Obviously Barack Obama Has Wiped His Ass On His Campaign Promises.

2010-02-23 at 18:29:45

And More From Alexander Solzhenitsyn

A State Of War Only Serves As An Excuse For Domestic Tyranny.

2010-02-20 at 19:27:45

From M. Russell Ballard

It May Not Always Be Easy, Convenient, Or Politically Correct To Stand
For Truth And Right, But It Is The Right Thing To Do. Always!!!

2010-02-17 at 19:36:30

From Gene Healy

Left To Their Own Devices, Presidents Can Isolate Themselves In A
Cocoon Of Sycophants, Even Putting Protesters In -Free-Speech Zones,
Where Their Signs Can Not Offend The Liege. The Regal Atmosphere Of
The Office Shields Presidents From Necessary Feedback.

2010-02-16 at 17:29:28

And Yet More From Friedrich A. Hayek

What our generation Has Forgotten is that the System of Private Property
is the Most Important Guaranty Of Freedom, not only for those who own
property, but scarcely less for those who do not. It is Only because the
Control of the Means Of Production Is Divided Among Many People Acting
Independently That Nobody Has Complete Power Over Us, that We As
Individuals Can Decide What To Do With Ourselves. If All the Means Of
Production Were Vested In A Single Hand, Whether It Be Nominally That Of
Society as a Whole or That Of A Dictator, Whoever Exercises This Control
Has Complete Power Over Us.

2010-02-05 at 12:59:19

From L.C. Michelon

The Liberal Who Cries Out For Broad Welfare Measures And State Control
Lacks Inherent Faith In People And In Our Free Society. He Treats Them As
Though They Were Some Type Of Chronic Disease. As A Result His
Approach Has Been One Of Continuous Medication By The State.

2010-02-09 at 20:58:38

More From Lord Acton

The One Pervading Evil Of Democracy Is The Tyranny Of The Majority, Or
Rather Of That Party, Not Always The Majority, That Succeeds, By Force
Or Fraud, In Carrying Elections.

2010-01-26 at 20:10:24

From Butler Shaffer

Perhaps not since Caligula appointed his horse to the Roman senate has
the political establishment gone so far out of its way to flaunt its
absurdity. The inanity is not confined to any particular factions; it is
pure bipartisanship that unites the politically-minded in their efforts
to bamboozle the booboisie with terrifying specters and the kinds of
implausible explanations of events that recall childhood tales told
around a late-night campfire.

2010-01-25 at 19:09:03

And Still More From Thomas Jefferson

It is Inconsistent with the Principles of Civil Liberty, and Contrary
to the Natural Rights of the Other Members of the Society, that Any
Body of Men Therein Should Have Authority To Enlarge Their Own Powers,
Prerogatives Or Emoluments Without Restraint.

2010-01-25 at 17:51:27

From Andrew Hamilton

Power may Justly be compared to a Great River. While kept within its due
bounds it is both beautiful and useful. But when it Overflows its Banks,
it is then Too Impetuous to be Stemmed; it bears down all before it, and
Brings Destruction and Desolation wherever it comes. If, then, this is
the Nature of Power, let us at least Do our Duty, and like wise men who
Value Freedom use our utmost care to Support Liberty, The Only Bulwark
Against Lawless Power, Which In All Ages Has Sacrificed To Its Wild
Lust And Boundless Ambition The Blood Of The Best Men That Ever Lived!

2010-01-15 at 18:13:45

From Edmund A. Opitz

To the extent that a society Limits Its Government to policing functions
which Curb the individuals who engage in aggressive and criminal actions,
and conducts its economic affairs on the basis of free and willing
exchange, to that extent Domestic Peace Prevails. When a society departs
from this norm, its Governing Class Begins, in effect, to Make War Upon
the Rest of the Nation. A situation is created in which Everyone is
Victimized by everyone else under the Fiction of Each Living At The
Expense Of All.

2010-01-11 at 17:31:27

As You Traverse This Life Please Try To Remember That There Are No Absolute Mistakes; There Are Only Errors In Your Perceived Judgement As To The Likely Outcomes Of Your Actions!!!